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Brightwin N Tetradecane filling screw capping induction sealing line for a customer from Germany

Short Description:

This line is an automatic line, can finish bottles feeding filling capping and collecting automatically, contains: bottles feeding buffer, N Tetradecane filling machine, servo screw capping machine, Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, conveyor and finished bottles collecting turntable.

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N tetradecane servo filling screw capping induction sealing machine line. The whole line was assembled to be “U” shape according to the layout and size of customer’s workshop. 



Bottles automatic feeding unscramble buffer

Special point: the bottle feeding buffer, it was designed for customers special bottles which are unable to stand. Operator periodic places a specified amount of bottles, the machine will feed the bottles one by one to the filling machine for filling and capping. 

2 nozzles servo filling machine

The line is adjustable for many different shape and size containers. This 2 nozzles servo filling machine also can be used as any other automatic liquid filling machine, like oil filling machine, etc.

Servo screw capping machine with vibrator:


Since customers bottle have same caps, we used vibrator to feed caps to save customers cost. Capping head is movable, when a cap is ready, capping head goes catch it, and back to origin position to wait for filled bottles, once a bottle arrives, capping head down and screw the cap tightly on the bottle mouth. 

 Package and delivery:

N Tetradecane filling screw capping induction sealing  machine line (6)

The line is adjustable for few size bottles from 900ml to 5000ml!


Program Liquid filling machine
Filling nozzle number 2
Capacity for 1000ml bottles 12bpm
Capacity for 5000ml bottles 4bpm
Accuracy ≤±1%
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Voltage 220V Single phase
Power 7KW

Wish customer receive the machines as soon as possible! Waiting for great feedback from them!

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