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Servo controlled piston pump filling Machine

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The liuquid piston pump filling machine is used to fill various liquid in to bottles, cans, cups, buckets and other containers. It’s also suitable for viscous liquid or thick liquid products, like cooking oil, lube oil, beverage, juice, sauce, paste, cream, honey, shampoo, detergent, pesticides, and Liquid fertilizer etc as long as it can flow. According to different filling volume and filling capacity requirments, we have various models of the machine, also can customize based on customer’s special need.

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Brightwin liquid Filling machine



Overview of Brightwin liquid filling machine

This machine is used to fill various liquid, viscous liquid or thick liquid products, like cooking oil, lube oil, beverage, juice, sauce, paste, cream, honey, shampoo, detergent, pesticides, and Liquid fertilizer etc as long as it can flow. It adopts piston pump filling with servo motor driven which is more accurate and easy to adjust the volume. With rotary valve for thick or viscous liquid products and non-rotary valve for liquid products.

Suitable products

Agricultural chemicals/pesticide liquid

Daily use chemical liquid

Food & Drink liquid

Industrial chemical liquid

Pharmaceutical liquid


Features of Brightwin liquid filling machine 

1. With PLC + human-computer touch screen control system. The PLC can save the parameters for later use. Operators do not need too much complicated operation.

2. Adopts Mitsubishi servo motor to drive piston pumps, with high speed and high filling accuracy; its also easier for adjusting volumes, only need to input the volume you want to fill from touch screen.

3. The filling nozzles can be with the function of anti-drip, anti-drawing, diving bottom up filling, & bubble-kill etc according to the features of different products.

4. For hot filling, we make double jacket tank, which can be heated to keep temperature of products inside. Also with a mixer inside to stir it even.

5. There is a level controller in tank to control the pump to transfer product to the machine tank or stop transferring automatically.

Elements brand of Brightwin liquid filling machine


Brands and material 





Touch screen


Servo motor


Piston cylinder

5MM thick SUS316L

Rotary valve


Rotary valve connection 

quick coupler designed from Germany

Filling nozzles

SUS316L stainless steel anti-drip quick-coupler design


Airtac Taiwan

Connecting pipe

fast loading pipe from Italy

Sealing ring

food grade material from Germany

electrical parts





Japan NSK, original imported

Level control in hopper


Working steps

Working steps of Brightwin liquid filling machine

step 1: liquid is pumped through the pipe into the hopper of the liquid filling machine

step 2: servo motor rotate to move the piston down suck the liquid from hopper into piston

step 3: conveyor moves, brings the empty bottles.

step 4: When enough bottles arrive at the filling positions, bottles will be stopt

step 5: filling nozzles come down dive into bottle mouths, servo motor rotate to move the piston up push the liquid out from the piston pump, at the same time filling nozzle open, liquid flows through the pipes and filling nozzles finally be filled into bottles

step 6: bottles filled with requested volume liquid, filling nozzles lift up and filled bottles will be let go.


Parameters of Brightwin liquid filling machine


filling machine

Filling head

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 etc(optional according to speed)

Filling volume

1-5000ml etc(customized)

Filling speed


Filling precision


Power supply

110V/220V/380V/450V etc(customized) 50/60HZ

Power supply


Air pressure


Net weight


Special advantages

Special advantages of Brightwin liquid filling machine

1.  SUS 316 piston composes with Sealing ring imported from Germany, which is no need to replace within 3 years.

2. Sepcially designed SUS316L LONG no–drip filing nozzles, which can protect the cylinder on the top being damaged by material.

filling machine02

3. 304 frame, 5mm thick SUS316L honing piston pump, manufactured by Taiwan producer.

Piston cylinder in our liquid filling machine

4. With detector in each SUS316L valve, if there is any problem in any nozzle, it shows in touch screen, its easy to be found.

Filling nozzles and valves in our liquid filling machine

5. other details

After sales services

After sales service of Brightwin liquid filling machine

1. Offer professional operation manual
2. Online support
3. Video technical support
4. Free spare parts during warranty period
5. Field installation, commissioning and training
6. Field maintenance and repair service

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