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Labeling machine

  • Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    Round Bottle Labeling Machine

    Special advantages of round bottle labeling machine:

    Labeling head:

    1. Using 20mm thick aluminum alloy plate, smoothly grinded.

    2. The surface of aluminum alloy anode processing, gush arenaceous technology, ensure hardness and beautiful.

    3. All feeding label guide bar use heavy hole process, for making sure every guide bar with the vertical degree, ensure feeding label is stability.

    4. Head motherboard adopt the most advanced CNC processing center production, to ensure that each size precision.

  • Double Side Labeling Machine

    Double Side Labeling Machine

    Special advantages of double side labeling machine:

    With top pressing device to make sure bottles move stable, more accurate labeling.

    Twice labeling for eliminating bubbles.

    With bottle separator, making bottles go to label one by one.

    With synchronous directing chains, make sure the bottles automatically centralized.

  • Horizontal Labeling Machine

    Horizontal Labeling Machine

    It is applicable for the labeling of the objects with small diameters and unable to stand up easily, such as oral liquid bottles, ampoule bottles, needle tube bottles, batters, hams sausages, test tubes, pens and so on.