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Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Short Description:

Special advantages of round bottle labeling machine:

Labeling head:

1. Using 20mm thick aluminum alloy plate, smoothly grinded.

2. The surface of aluminum alloy anode processing, gush arenaceous technology, ensure hardness and beautiful.

3. All feeding label guide bar use heavy hole process, for making sure every guide bar with the vertical degree, ensure feeding label is stability.

4. Head motherboard adopt the most advanced CNC processing center production, to ensure that each size precision.

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Round bottle labeling machine

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This round bottle labeling machine is suitable for all kinds of round bottles/ jars/ cans etc. Both glass bottles and plastic bottle are ok. Also the machine is adjustable to suit different diameter and height bottle. 

round bottle labeling machine02



Step motor


Right to left/ Left to right

Label core

Standard 75mm

Label roll

Max 300mm

Bottle size

Diameter: 10-150mm Height 3-350mm

Label size

Length 10-3500mm  Width 10-200mm



Hot ribbon coding

HP 260Q


220/380V 50/60Hz 350W



Machine size


round bottle labeling machine 03
round bottle labeling machine 04

Machine Structure

Belt Type Conveyor
This labeler use imported industrial belt. It is much wearable without dirty easily and for long term life operation. It also could change over the suitable belt material depends on products.

Precise Sensor
Adopt to top level fiber optic sensor to precisely do products and label location without interference. Unique design for slide rail, it is much different from the poor design by general manufacturer.

Quality & Beauty
The labeler main structure is manufactured from S304 stainless steel with anodized process and high quality aluminum. It is complied with GMP standard that provides easy maintenance and for a long durable life. Top chain made by FRP chain material and hard-wearing UPE guide rail applied for the conveyer system is designed to be the product appearance protected and efficient performance. It also increases with years of reliable long term use.

Simple Mechanism Adjustment
It provides a little or big wide adjustment by equipped with hand wheel mechanism for easy adjustment of applicator. It would also provide flat and smooth labeling depended on product sizes and labeling position by suitable wrap station adjustment.

Rigid Machine Base
Double square foot stands was made from stainless steel. It is steady and does not take a lot of room. When labeler working, it would not quake and affect the labeling action.

Flexible Mobility
The mobility castor and stainless steel fixing nut are designed to flexibly move the machinery to support another production line. Therefore, it would boost the invest benefits.

If need, can equip a code printing machine to print production date etc onto the label.

After sales services

1. Offer professional operation manual
2. Online support
3. Video technical support
4. Free spare parts during warranty period
5. Field installation, commissioning and training
6. Field maintenance and repair service

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