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Double Side Labeling Machine

Short Description:

Special advantages of double side labeling machine:

With top pressing device to make sure bottles move stable, more accurate labeling.

Twice labeling for eliminating bubbles.

With bottle separator, making bottles go to label one by one.

With synchronous directing chains, make sure the bottles automatically centralized.

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Double side labeling machine


This double side labelingmachine is used to label both flat or square bottles and round bottles. It is economical, and easy to operate, equipped with HMI touch screen & PLC Control System. Built in microchip makes fast and easy adjustment and changeover.

double side labeling machine01


Speed 20-100bpm( related to product and labels)
Bottle size 30mmwidth120mm20height350mm
Label size 15width130mm20length200mm
Labeling issuing speed 30m/min
Accuracy(excluding container and labels error ) ±1mm (excluding container and labels error )
Labels materials Self-sticker, not transparent (if transparent, it needs some extra device
Inner diameter of label roll 76mm
Outer diameter of label roll Within 300mm
Power 500W
Electricity AC220V 50/60Hz single-phase
Dimension 2200×1100×1500mm
double side labeling machine02
double side labeling machine03

Working principle

➢ Principle: After separating system the bottles, sensor detects it and give signal to PLC, the PLC will order motor to put the labels on the suitable position on the labeling head to label the bottles when bottles pass.
➢ Process: bottle entering—> bottle separating—>bottle detecting—>label issuing—>labeling—>bottle existing.
➢ Wide function, can be used for front and back labels on flat, square and strange shape bottles.
➢ High accuracy. With deviation correcting device for labeling to avoid label deviating. Stable performance, excellent labeling result without wrinkles and bubbles.
➢ Stepless motor for speed adjusting on labeling conveyor, bottle separating.
➢ Double side synchronous directing chains special for flat, square and cambered surface bottles to make sure the bottles automatically centralized, reducing the difficulty of manual bottle loading on the machine and automatic bottle entering in production line.
➢ Equipped with top pressing device to make sure bottles move stable reducing the errors caused by bottle height differences.
➢ Flexible usage. Labeling on stand-up bottles, equipped with bottle separating function. The machine can be used solely or connected to automatic line.
➢ Twice labeling device, one for accuracy, another for eliminating bubbles and making sure labels tightly stuck from heads and tails.
➢ No bottles no labeling, self-inspection and self-correction for no labels situation.
➢ Alarming ,counting, power saving (If no production during fixed time (the machine will turn to power saving automatically), specification setting and protecting function ( authority limits for specification set).
➢ Durable, adjusting by 3 poles, taking advantage of stability from triangle. Made or stainless steel and high quality aluminum, conforming to GMP standard.
➢ Original design for mechanical adjusting structure and labeling rolling. The fine adjusting for freedom of motion in label position is convenient( can be fixed after adjusting), making easy the adjustment and winding labels for different products,
➢ PLC+ touch screen + stepless motor + sensor, save working and control. English and Chinese version on touch screen, error reminding function. With detailed operation instruction including structure, principles, operations, maintenance and etc.
➢ Optional function: hot ink printing; automatic material supply/ collecting; adding labeling devices; circle position labeling, and etc.

After sales services

1. Offer professional operation manual
2. Online support
3. Video technical support
4. Free spare parts during warranty period
5. Field installation, commissioning and training
6. Field maintenance and repair service

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