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Screw Capping Machine

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Special advantages of screw capping machine:

1. With clutch, the starwheel would stop automatically if bottle blocked

2. Turntable positioning, more accurate and fast

3. Magnetic moment capping head, do no harm to bottles and caps

4. Can connected with both cap elevator and vibrator

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Screw capping machine

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The interactive screw capping machine is the new product developed by our company. It adopts magnetic moment capping head to screw the caps and manipulator to place caps, which is more accurate and stable than common machine. The manipulator work achieve through cam. Clutch is equipped, if any bottle blocked, the starwheel would stop automatically. It is practical, and the ideal equipment in such industries like pharmacy, food, chemical industry etc.

Main technical parameter

● Suitable bottle size: customized
● Caps diameter: 63mm
● Cap percent of pass: ≥99%
● Power: customized
● Power consumption: ≤1.2Kw
● Speed control: frequency control of motor speed
● Stand-lone noise: ≤50dB
● Capacity: 2000-3000b/h


1. High-precision of place and cap rate.
2. Adopts PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate.
3. Turntable positioning, easy to change model and wide adjusting range.
4. Send-in and send-out bottle smoothly, frequency speed control
5. Structure compact easy to maintain.
6. Magnetic moment cap, adjust tight or loose, do no harm to bottle and cap.
7. With clutch, the starwheel would stop automatically if bottle blocked.
8. Work continuously, automatic work, time-saving, high-efficiency.
9. Meet GMP requirement.

Cap elevator

Cap elevator

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