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Liquid Soap Filling Line

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This liquid soap filling line includes filling, capping, labeling machine and even can add bottle unscrambler, and carton packing machines if need. It can be full automatic line from A to Z.

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Filling machine

Liquid Soap Filling Line


This machine is used to fill various liquid and viscous products, like shampoo, detergent, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid etc. With diving-bottom up filling to avoid the foam.  It adopts piston pump filling with servo motor driven which is more accurate and easy to adjust the volume. 



liquid filling machine

Filling head

2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 etc(optional according to speed)

Filling volume

1-5000ml etc(customized)

Filling speed


Filling precision


Power supply

110V/220V/380V/450V etc(customized) 50/60HZ

Power supply


Air pressure


Net weight


Spindle capping machine

Liquid Soap Filling Line-1

'one motor controls one capping wheel', which can ensure the machine to work stably and keep consistent torque under long term working condition.
Easy to operate.
Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen control, easy to operate.
The gripping belts can be adjusted separately to coordinate with different bottles.
If equipped with guidance device, the machine can cap the pump caps.
Rulers on every adjusting parts to make the adjustment "visible".
The torque limiter is optional to make sure the consistent torque.
The up-down motor is optional to make the machine go up and down automatically

Double side and round bottle labeling machine

Liquid Soap Filling Line-2


This double side labeling machine is used to label both flat or square bottles and round bottles. It is economical, and easy to operate, equipped with HMI touch screen & PLC Control System. Built in microchip makes fast and easy adjustment and changeover.


Speed 20-100bpm( related to product and labels)
Bottle size 30mm≤width≤120mm;20≤height≤400mm
Label size 15≤width≤200mm,20≤length≤300mm
Labeling issuing speed ≤30m/min
Accuracy(excluding container and label' s error ) ±1mm (excluding container and label's error )
Labels materials Self-sticker, not transparent (if transparent, it needs some extra device)
Inner diameter of label roll 76mm
Outer diameter of label roll Within 300mm
Power 500W
Electricity AC220V 50/60Hz single-phase
Dimension 2200×1100×1500mm

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