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Brightwin lube oil filling line for a customer from USA

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This line is an automatic 1L-5l filling and packaging line for an American customer, can finish bottles feeding filling capping labeling and collecting automatically, contains: bottles feeding table, lube oil liquid filling machine, elevator feeding caps and spindle capping machine, double sides labeling machine and finished bottles collecting turntable.

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1L-5L lube oil servo filling elevator feeding caps spindle capping double sides labeling machine line. The whole line was assembled bottle feeding table and collection turntable to be an automatic packaging line. 

Customer has two size bottles: 1L and 5L. The line suitable for both, when change different bottles the line just need to be adjusted.


Bottles feeding table

Workers place empty bottles on the conveyor between rails of the feeding table on one direction,  bottles will go with the conveyor to the next station.

6 nozzles servo filling machine

The line is adjustable for many different shape and size containers. This 6 nozzles servo filling machine fills 6 bottles at the same time, also can be used as any other automatic liquid filling machine, like engine oil filling machine,  antifreeze liquid filling machine etc.

Spindle capping machine with elevator

Elevator feeds caps automatically, caps will line up in caps track, waiting for bottles. Bottles pass under the track and take caps, then will be tightened by both sides rotating spindle wheels on the capping machine. 

Double sides labeling machine


Capped bottles come with conveyor, when bottles sensor detects one bottle, the both sides labeling devices will work at the same time to label stickers on the both sides of bottle surface. 

Collecting turntable


Finished bottles come with conveyor, will be collected in this turntable, waiting for workers to do next packaging movement. 


Program Lube oil filling line 
Filling nozzle number 6
Capacity for 1000ml bottles 36-40bpm
Capacity for 5000ml bottles 15-18bpm
Accuracy ≤±0.1%
Air pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Voltage 220V Single phase
Power 5.5KW

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